Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Had Some Hail

These pictures aren't very good, but that's ok. We have some crops that went from looking really nice to crap in about 15 minutes. Softball sized hail will do that.

It will be interesting to see what the adjusters say. The beans are looking really rough. The ears on the corn are dented in places where the hail hit them. Not many leaves left either.

In other news, that same storm dumped 2" of rain on our crops, so that was a big help. I had been irrigating for almost a month non-stop, so the break (and saving some cash moneys) is nice. I have noticed some ears that pollinated weirdly, what with the cloudy and cool weather we had during pollination, but a lot of stuff I've looked at looks very good. Could be an interesting harvest with the way they are knocking down the price of corn and soybeans, but it is what it is.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture Day

 Took this at sunrise while irrigating:

Randy Rogers Band at Adams County Fair:

Stine 9732VT3P:

An "oh shit" moment I had last week:

An ear of Stine 9737VT3P:

Another ear of 9737 (which of course will not be available next year. Heh.):

Driving back from Dannebrog after getting pizza at the Danish Baker:


More beans after a little bit of rain:

I was shredding weeds last night and took a few pictures:


Just ignore the bug on the glass: