Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Helped Grandpa clean out a bin today. Wisely, neither of us wore a dust mask, so we both feel like crap. Basically, when a bin starts getting empty, you have to get in and scoop it out while using a sweep auger:

The sweep auger carries corn to the floor auger:

Which carries corn to the auger, which takes it to the semi:

Tools of the trade (Yes, a lot of sweeping and scooping is involved.):

In more suckery, Green Line has the entire front end off of our tractor and is going to have to split it. Tractors can be basically taken apart in half in order to service some things. You can generally count on spending $1,000 or so to split a tractor, plus whatever it's going to cost to fix what was wrong in the first place. There goes all my fun money.

I'm going to give a little shout out to Ag Services. Apparently, someone sent them a link to my blog from yesterday. I got a call from one of their agronomists today asking if I was home. I wasn't but would be shortly. He was already there checking out the stuff they had sprayed, and wanted to know if I had any problems with their fertilizer spreader yesterday. I showed him the tracks and told him I wasn't too happy about it. He wanted me to know that their operator should've known better and that he would talk to him and get it taken care of. We're also meeting with the chemical rep tomorrow to try and figure out why the weeds that got sprayed didn't really die. So, Ron, Rich and Matt, thanks for getting everything taken care of.

And I thought only Shay and my mom read this blog.

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