Sunday, April 22, 2012

Started Planting

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. It's been a busy last couple of weeks getting the planters ready to go. Had to spend some time working on Grandpa's stuff, then Dad's, then mine. It just seems to take forever to get tanks on and all that jazz. I had to put all new chains on my planter and a few gauge wheel bearings. Technically, I started planting Friday, but I only did 2 rounds in about 2 hours, trying to get everything adjusted. I really got going yesterday morning, but I ran out of seed about 11:15, and I was going to Mom and Dad's for dinner anyway, so I headed over there. After we ate, I helped Dad get going. He bought a new (to him) planter, and it has hydraulic drive, so I helped him get used to that a little bit, since I have hydraulic drive on my planter. After a call to a service tech and a lot of messing around, I think he got it all figured out and has about 70 acres planted. I, on the other hand, only have about 55 acres done. It was about 3:30 before I got going again yesterday afternoon, and then I had a bearing go out this afternoon and had to quit early for Bible study, so it's not going too fast for me. It's ok, though. It'll all get done.

Yesterday, my brother Sam came out and rode with me for awhile, then I turned him loose for a little bit. The planter was getting empty, so I stayed out and shuffled seed around while he planted, as I didn't want to open another bag. I got a few pictures:

And I'm using the '87 as a seed runner:

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