Monday, July 30, 2012


Not much exciting happened today. I started a bunch of wells, shredded some weeds, irrigated, went grocery shopping with wife, and now we're watching the Olympics.

Tomorrow will hold some of the same excitement.

This time of year can get kind of boring. We shred a lot of weeds, irrigate, and that's about it. I've got some projects around the farm I'd like to get done, but I've been waiting for it to cool off. Apparently, I'll be waiting until December.

Soon enough, we'll be picking up pipe and getting ready to harvest. The corn is starting to dent, which means it's anywhere from 30-40 days to full maturity. That's pretty early for us. The beans are also podding or at full pod, which means they are about the same length of days away from maturity. Then the fun part can begin.

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