Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nothing Too Exciting

I've been irrigating, and that's about it. I'm glad we can do that, though, as most farmers can't. I'm too lazy to confirm it, but I read somewhere this spring that only 14% of America's crops are irrigated. So, I won't complain too much. It will be two months Thursday since we've had a rain, which is unheard of for this area. But, pastor's sermon kind of addressed the lack of rain last Sunday. He was talking about how we only focus on what we aren't getting instead of what we are, which made me think about how our wells have not missed a beat. We've been watering nonstop for almost 6 weeks, and our irrigation wells have not dropped off at all. Usually, they would've. It occurred to me that maybe instead of wishing it would rain, I should be thankful that we are still pumping water full steam ahead. If it wasn't for that, this year would be a disaster.

I'll try to take some pictures of the crops over the next few days. I want to walk some fields and looks at ears and soybean plants, so I'll try to show how the stuff is looking. Pretty good for what it's been through this spring with wind and heat early, then heat and drought during pollination and pod set.

That's about it for this guy. I'm going to head to bed and fall asleep while watching SportsCenter.

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  1. very glad to hear you're making it through - I've been catching drifting snatches of horror-stories. dry corn sneaking up on farmers in the middle of the night.

    ok, not that extreme, but it all sounds pretty darn dry.