Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not Much To Report

Haven't been up to a whole lot in this neck of the woods. We traveled quite a bit for the holidays and are home for a few days before leaving Saturday for MusicFest at Steamboat Springs, CO. It's a few days of skiing (if you are so inclined), concerts (40 bands in 5 days) and general tomfoolery.

I've mostly been reading a lot of articles about the direction of ag in the future and what the markets might do in 2013. Basically, nobody knows. I have no idea what to do. I will probably start selling some corn for October/November delivery in the next week or two. I can lock in $5.60/bu O/N '13 today, which still leaves some decent meat on the bone for me, barring any weather disasters next year. Hail and wind are the usual wild cards here, but we are also nervous about moisture in the spring, as we are still in what the NOAA terms "exceptional" drought.

I don't think I told you all, but we closed on our property a few weeks back. We now own 68 acres, 54 of which is crop land. We are also homeowners, as our house is on the property. I look forward to cleaning up some trees and old buildings in the spring and planting some new wind breaks. I am also hoping to put up a grain bin. I need to finish cleaning out the shop and the garage, but the dumpster is full. Might need to start adding to the burn pile.

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