Monday, September 12, 2011

Raking Hay

This is what I did today:

A lot of times after we cut hay we have to turn it over to dry it so we can bale it. Actually, so Dad can bale it. Hay is kind of his area of expertise. I just chip in when he needs me to. Our rake is also nice because it takes two windrows and combines them into one, which means half as many passes through the field when Dad comes back to bale. The windrows looks like this when I get to the field:

When I combine the two windrows, it looks like this:

Here are a couple more pictures:

The rake is a pretty simple design. It has metal wheels that have tines on them that pick the hay up off the ground. Basically, you just drive around. I enjoy doing it. It's the mindless kind of work that will drive you nuts if you have to do it too long, but is a good change-up from the normal day to day. I made a crappy video for your entertainment and education:


  1. Looks like you're moving awfully fast for raking hay. Plus you need to be sitting on a cabless tractor to rake hay.

  2. 8 mph. What's a cabless tractor? :)