Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, We Moved

Thanks to a ton of people, we're living in our home. I don't take that word for granted, either. The other place was where we lived. This is our home.

I guess this place has always been home to me. I lived in a house and an apartment in Seward, but I always came here to work on the weekends and during the summer. Even after I moved into a house east of Worms and my parents moved out of this house, it was always home. It's kind of weird sleeping in this house knowing that I'm the head of the household, but it's not a bad weird. I never really loved the house that Shay and I lived in, and neither did she. The dogs love it here, too, and that counts for something with Shay and I. I've been smiling a lot walking around this place the last few days. It's not lost on me that I went to school to be a teacher, then a pastor, and now I'm living on the same farm that I've lived on for 24 of my 26 years. God knows the desires of our hearts, even if we try to run from them or look for something else.

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  1. It's a relief that God is always putting us in our place. Welcome home, you two!