Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomorrow. Yikes.

We're going to the accountant in the morning to see how much we'll have to pay into taxes. I'm betting in the area of $4,000. Yes, American dollars. People always look forward to their tax returns (Which I don't get. It was your money in the first place. You basically loaned it to the government interest free.), but I don't really remember what that feels like. I think we got a few dollars back last year, but that's because 2010 was not kind to my farm. Paying in is one of the worst parts of being self employed, but that's life.

After that, we are trekking to Lincoln to get our toofs cleaned by my good friend Andy, who is in his final semester at the dental college. I haven't had my teeth cleaned since... well, since I chipped a tooth while washing my red pickup. Which red pickup was it, though? I don't remember. Is it sad that I measure my time on this earth based on pickups? Anyway, it's been a long time since I've had my teeth cleaned. Andy was my best man at our wedding, but after tomorrow, I just hope he still wants to talk to me. It's probably going to be gnarly.

Luckily, I get to go to an auction on Thursday, my sprayer is coming Friday, and Dad and I are going to get my liquid fertilizer applicator on Saturday, so things are looking up. I also registered the blue pickup today, which is nice, because after I get the interior put back together, I can legally drive it into town to have the front end rebuilt. The nice ladies at the DMV in Central City (seriously, they are really nice) also gave me a form to send in to the state to find out who owns my Dad's '81 GMC that he bought new back in the day. You know, this one:

I would love to track it down. I also found out that Grandpa's red '98 GMC is in South Dakota, and am going to try to find it, also. Yeah, yeah, I know, you can only drive one at a time. I'll just have to sell the '94 if I find Dad's or Grandpa's. I guess I'll worry about it if that happens.

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  1. "Is it sad that I measure my time on this earth based on pickups?"

    No, it's poetic.
    Much better than measuring it in coffee spoons, anyways. (reference here: http://www.bartleby.com/198/1.html) ;)