Monday, March 5, 2012

This Is What's Been Shaking

My new (to me) sprayer was delivered to Dad's place last Friday. I got it home and parked in the back of my shed:

Saturday, Dad and I went down to Davenport to pick up my new (to me) liquid fertilizer applicator. We also swung through Clay Center and picked up some parts for Dad's row stalker from a Channel seed dealer we know.

I've also been kind of working on Grandpa's old blue pickup. Well, it finally got kicked into gear. My brother, Sam (Hambone), fixed my steering column yesterday, and this morning, Dad and I put in the new carpet and the $10 seat I picked up. I need to get a seat cover for it. Forgot to do that when I was at NAPA today. Anyway, here are the before pictures:

Here are a few after shots:

I should've washed my floor mats. They make the new carpet look like crap. I'm waiting on reflector lights and a new bowtie for my new grille (that Dad scored at a swap meet yesterday). After that, it's going to town to get the front end and brakes rebuilt. I also need to change the oil and put in new plugs and wires, but it's coming along.

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