Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I Did Today

Grandpa was wanting to disk some of his ground, and his disk has a bearing out, so he used Dad's. I took the 8320 over and helped Grandpa adjust the stops, and then he took off. I got a parting shot:

I finally got a chance to work on my liquid fertilizer applicator, also. When I bought it, it was set up as an 8 row bar with 30" spacing. I need 36" spacing. Luckily, the bar was wide enough that I could just take the units loose and slide them over. Easier said than done. Actually, the units weren't bad. One of the gauge wheels seemed to hate me. I had to heat all of the nuts on that gauge wheel bracket until they were red to get them off. Luckily, Dad had new bolts, so no big deal. I took it on a couple of dry runs out in the field and I think I'm satisfied with it, but might need to do a little more tweaking. I also need a couple of new tires for my gauge wheels, but I'm pretty sure I've got a couple around somewhere.

Tools of the trade: 15/16" wrench, 3/4" air impact and a knife to cut the old hoses off. I also had a BFH (Big' Hammer) around somewhere, and the torch. 

My oldest seester is home, so I should be getting in the shower here pretty soon. Mom and Dad are having the family over, so it should be a fun night.

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