Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Few Pictures

These are just some pictures I took during harvest. Nothing too exciting here.

Shay learned how to run the auger wagon. She may have spilled some corn. It happens to the best of us.

This was not a fluke. There were a few acres on my place where the yield monitor never went below 90bu/acre going through the field. Typically, I have 50-55bu/acre soybeans. It's still pretty unbelievable. God knows how to raise beans. I just plant and water them and let Him do the rest.

These are a few pictures of the last field of corn that I picked. It was about 35 acres and averaged 194bu/acre. I think it would've done 200+, but the pivot was late in getting completed and this is sandy ground. When the corn was really small, the wind blew 30+ mph for a few days and sandblasted a few spots pretty badly. Those spots produced very little. If the pivot would've been operational, I would've been able to water the soil and keep it wet enough to stop it from blowing. I was still really happy with how it yielded. God was good to us on this farm, too.

This is what happens when the wind blows 40-60mph before you get done picking corn. Grandpa had a bunch of acres go down. It was pretty ugly. The rows in the picture have not been harvested yet. 

Just a picture.

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