Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I didn't do a whole lot today. Drove back and forth, forth and back. I think I'm done chopping stalks for now. I'll have to do some more before we plant soybeans, but I'll worry about that in a few weeks. 3 days... That's a record for stalk chopping. The 12 row was a good investment.

I did some row stalking today, too. Dad started a field and I worked at that for about an hour after he had to quit. I didn't have the camera. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow if it's not raining. The row stalker is pretty cool - it pulls the old corn stalks out by the roots. You'll see what I mean when I get pictures. 

My wife is going to be on the radio tomorrow morning!! She went into the studio and did some voice tracking with her co-host after school today. She's really excited about it, and it sounds like there could be a lot of opportunities ahead. It's funny how God opens a bunch of doors at the same time. I'm really proud of Shay and I can't wait to hear her over the air tomorrow. 

My cousin Noah and his wife Shannon had their second child today. Her name is Kyndall Lorraine Seim. She was born about 7 weeks early and only weighs around 3 pounds. She is in the NICU, but is breathing on her own. From what I've heard, so far she is doing well, but I know prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested to see Noah with a little girl. He's kind of a big fella - 6'3" and probably 275 or so. Mostly muscle. Can't wait to see him when she's old enough to have a boyfriend. Anyhow, I hope all is well with the Seim family and can't wait to meet my new cousin!

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