Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots of Things

I'm going to be kind of all over hell in this post.

Finally started doing a little work on the other house today. Not a whole lot. Pulled some ceiling tiles down. Dad and I carried an old dresser out. Discovered after pulling a panel off of a wall that it's smooth, therefore easily painted. I'm going to do more demo tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm hoping to be done tearing stuff out this week so the real fun can begin.

Dad is upgrading from 8 row equipment to 12 row. This means we would like to buy a bigger tractor. We thought that there would be a glut of good used tractors on the market since farm incomes will be high. Well, there were. We saw a few while we were picking that we liked, but kept saying "we'll see after harvest." We're finding that most of those are sold. I used to move snow with a salesman at the John Deere dealership in Central City, so he's trying to find something for us. We also might have a lead on another tractor. It's pretty amazing how fast good used tractors get snapped up. Guess we learned that lesson.

I have a friend named Brett Thomas. Smart man, this Thomas fellow. He introduced me to a musician named Will Hoge some years ago. I've always kind of liked him, and actually have a couple of his albums. I have been in a music rut lately and was cruising iTunes looking for new music, and saw that he had a new album out. I checked out a few songs on YouTube. I'm really digging this new album - Number Seven. Here are a couple of songs off of it:

This is off of his prior album. I really dig this song:

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  1. So delighted with the music suggestion! I'm always looking for something to add to my music collection.