Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Much New Here

There has been some more progress made on the house, but Shay stole my camera and the other pictures are on Dad's camera. Dad tore up that awesome floral linoleum, Sam and I put in some ceiling tiles, took down some more plaster, put in a new window, and started tearing up the linoleum in the kitchen, which is not going so well. It was glued down about every 2 inches, so I have to rip it up piece by piece.

I needed a break from the house today, so I got all of my stuff together to prepare for taxes. Yeah. That's how much I needed a break from the house. Of course, QuickBooks wouldn't work.

After dinner, I had to drive Dad's tractor to Doniphan to pick up his new hiller. Round trip was 3 hours. Have you ever driven a tractor through Grand Island with a 25' wide implement attached? I don't recommend it.

When I got home, I changed the PTO shaft on Dad's tractor and put the stalk shredder on. I'll take pictures of that tomorrow. Basically, it shaves the corn stalks down to the ground, which allows the "trash" to deteriorate and makes it much easier to manage next growing season.


  1. If I had to tear up linoleum piece by piece I might want to turn to taxes, too. Maybe.

  2. Wait. Were you being sarcastic about that floral linoleum?