Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Guess It's Time

After receiving challenges from a couple of friends, I'm starting this thing. It'll most likely be crap that no one really cares to read, but I like to write, and I've gotten away from it lately. Plus, it will take up a few minutes of your day if you choose to read it. I'd read it at work when bored, or bored in class, or bored at home sitting in front of the TV. Basically I'm telling you to read it when you're bored.

I'm not promising I've got a direction in mind, either. Andy (the first person to tell me to do this) thinks it would be interesting to chronicle my life as a young farmer. I'll be doing that. It's the slow season right now, but once in awhile I'll discuss that part of my life. I'll talk a lot about my wife, I'm sure. And our dogs. Probably music. Definitely guitars. If you want me to discuss something else, throw it out there.

A quick primer on me for those that might not know exactly where I am or what I'm doing - I'm 25, married for four months to the perfect woman for me (those of you that really know Shay and I know what I'm talking about), the father (not scientifically, but emotionally) of two Australian Shepherds named Hannah and Charlie, a farmer, seed salesman (on a very small scale), spender of money, and saver of things I probably don't need. I play guitar, but I only tell you this because it will work its way into this thing. Everyone plays guitar, so I'm not trying to be a badass about it. I do it because it's fun for me. I have a record collection. It's small, but expanding. And, no, I'm not that record collecting guy that looks down his nose at all other types of audio entertainment. I like old things, and listening to records makes you sit down for a period of time. Those are the main reasons. I read a lot. We'll talk about that.

That's really all I can think of at this moment. I could probably think of more, but there is a fantastic smell coming from the kitchen, and since I'm a man, I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  Food always wins.


  1. For the record, I'm excited. I won't over-do it and make you think I'm faking, but I'm looking forward to adding you to my blog-reads.

    Kudos, my friend, for beginning.

    (Just so you know - my current blog is actually the fifth blog I've ever started. Not a great batting average, so don't kick yourself if your blogging life takes a while to pick up.) :)

  2. Good for you, Ben! Haven't gotten to talk to you for a while (this needs to happen, by the way), but at least I'll get to "hear" you talk. My blog isn't that interesting, but it's what you think, not about other people, right?

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words, friends.