Monday, August 29, 2011

Fixing a Pivot and Some Corn Pictures

I went to check my pivot Saturday and it appeared to be non-functioning. It had watered the beans and half of the corn, so I decided to let it wait until this morning, as the corn really isn't taking much water right now. Dad and I went and looked at it this morning, and Dad discerned that the pivot was out of line. We walked in to the 4th tower and found this:

Whoops... See, that drive shaft is supposed to be attached to the motor. When it's not, the pivot can't move the direction it was headed, meaning the other side digs in and gets stuck. Luckily, if a pivot goes too far out of line, it will shut off. $18 worth of parts and a lot of sweat later (the corn around the pivot is 10-11 feet tall) it's fixed. I hope.

These couplers are what hold the drive shaft to the motor. The black thingymabob is called a "puck". It's made of rubber and basically connects the drive shaft to the motor:

Done now:

My bookbag makes for a handy tool carrier, if you were wondering what it was doing there. Here are the broken parts I could find. The couplers ate it, apparently:

I had to replace every puck on this pivot a few years back, so I've done this once or twice. I think it took longer to walk in and out of the field than it did to fix. I'm going to let the ground dry for a few days, then the pivot should walk right out.

I also took some corn pictures:

The corn looks pretty good. We've been blessed with good rains and decent temperatures. Seeing this is getting me really excited for harvest.

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