Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waiting For Howard Greeley Public Power

To turn my irrigation well back on. We have what they call "load-control" on some of our wells. Basically, it means that in peak usage times, they shut our wells off from 11AM to 11PM. It saves them some power, and since we agreed to the schedule, it saves us some money. I'm tired, though.

Not much going on. We laid out some bean pipe today, I picked up some bales, and then... Lost all motivation. Shay and I irrigated when she got home, then she made me some awesome chicken ranch pizza.

One of the wells on a farm Dad rents caved in the other day. They drilled the new well yesterday. I took some pictures, but I keep forgetting to bring the camera in the house. Maybe tomorrow I'll get that done.

I'm hoping for some rain tonight. We shall see.

I walked some fields today and picked some ears, and to be honest, I'm kind of disappointed in what I've seen. I'm seeing a lot more greensnap than I initially thought. A lot of the ears I've pulled aborted some kernels, which happens when it's hotter than hell when it pollinates, like it was this year. Some of them filled to the tip, some didn't. My main concern is that most of the ears I've seen aren't very long. It's not like they're stubby little guys, but they aren't the length I'd like to see. Hopefully they'll fill out some. This is the main drawback of farming. I sincerely was hoping some of my corn would make 180bu/acre. Now, I'll be surprised if it makes 165bu/acre. It does look like I'll have a better crop than I ever have on another farm, but again, we have a long way to go. Who knows what the weather might have in store? We cannot control the weather. We just have to trust that God is going to provide us with all we need and that He will bless us along the way.

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