Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holy Cow

It's been awhile. I can feel this blog slipping away.

I was out of town this weekend. Three friends from high school and I road tripped to St. Louis this weekend. We went to Cahokia Mounds, which is where the largest civilization north of Mexico was 6-700 years ago, before it was mysteriously abandoned. Then we went to the Budweiser plant and got a free beer. We ate some good BBQ at a place named the Shaved Duck, where I encountered the worst case of the itis I have ever had. Seriously, I was still tired and full the next morning.

Monday I worked on my new (old) mower. I've got the 120 running and mowing pretty decent. A guy I met through a forum about lawnmowers (yeah, those exist. I know I'm a nerd) is meeting me around Kearney this weekend. The hood on my mower is fiberglass, and this guy worked for Boeing for 20 years running around the country fixing fiberglass. He offered to fix my hood. I'm pumped about it. I suppose at that point I'll start tearing it down. Fixing the deck is #1 on my list.

Dad and I drove all over hell yesterday. We went to an auction in Kearney until about noon, then went to Holdrege, then on to Minden, then to Hastings, and finally, home. We were cruising around the John Deere dealerships looking at 30' flex heads. A flex head is what we use to cut beans. We currently have a 25' head, but would like to get a 30', as we would cover more ground in a day. Another reason is that a 25' head doesn't really keep our combine up to capacity. When a combine isn't running at capacity, it can cause problems, splitting the beans, spitting some out the back, etc. I think Dad and Grandpa are going to look at a few heads today.

That's all that is new in my world. I might go pick some ears today to see where we're at. I think one more time around irrigating corn, and we'll be done. The beans will be until mid-September. It's getting close to the fun part.

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