Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Much New Here

This time of the year, it's kind of the same 'ol, same ol' - get up in the morning, irrigate, drink coffee, shred weeds, spray pipe, mow the lawn, look at things on craigslist, irrigate, eat supper, etc. I think today we need to change a discharge on a well. The discharge is the part that sticks out:

After they've been used for many years, they start to rust out and leak water all over the place. One of the wells I irrigate started doing that. Grandma and Grandpa are getting a new freezer today, so I'm sure I'll get in on unloading that. Oh yeah, Dad and I also resurrected Gus yesterday. Gus is a Chevy Blazer that lived through my sister, Alli, and my brother, Sam. I bought a battery for it, Dad filled it with anti-freeze, and away we go. I'm using it for an irrigating vehicle. Once Dad gets it licensed, I'll probably drive it all over. The brakes suck and it pukes anti-freeze, but it's cheaper on gas than my pickup. And I figure if it can live through Sam and Alli, it deserves to live, not rot in anonymity.

Maybe there's more new stuff going on than I realized.

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