Friday, August 10, 2012

Unexpected Friday Night

Well, Shay and I were irrigating and semi-arguing when we heard a dog yelp and felt a bump. Instead of going to Andy and Kristin's for supper, we headed to the vet. Luckily, the vet doesn't think anything is broken and Charlie should be fine in a few days. The ground was wet where he got ran over, so I think it cushioned him some. After the vet we ate a quick supper in town and came home to irrigate. It was kind of a weird evening.

The weather seems to have turned, but I'm not going to be fooled. I'm sure it will give us another blast of heat. It was beautiful out today. It feels like fall is just around the corner, and maybe it is. It could be an early one since the weather has been about a month ahead of schedule this year.

I wandered around in our corn test plot today and really liked the looks of a few of the hybrids there. The ones that I really want to make sure and plant next year are Stine 9728EVT3P and Channel 209-69VT3P. They look like really healthy plants, have good Goss's Wilt tolerance, are good in corn-on-corn situations, and respond well to irrigation. Sounds like they are right up my alley!

Here is a picture of the Stine 9728:

And a picture of the Channel 209-69:

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