Sunday, May 1, 2011

Got the GFE Going

That's an inside joke for a couple of people that read this. For the rest of you, it simply means we started planting. I took some pictures, but the camera is out in the pickup, and I'm too lazy to walk 15 feet to get it. I'm also too lazy to put the pictures on my computer and then add them to this blog. Maybe tomorrow I'll do it. Depends on what kind of mood I'm in tomorrow night. I planted about 65 acres yesterday and 60 or so today. Not good days, but yesterday we started late because we had to get everything set and because the people at Ag Service aren't smart enough to make sure the motors on their fertilizer trailers work before they bring them out. They had to bring out a new motor and pump. I thought the top of Dad's head was going to blow off. Today I started late because of Sunday School. 

It feels good to be planting. I'm always about 50/50 - nervous and optimistic. I get nervous until I see the corn pop out of the ground. I'm hoping that this will be the first year of my farming career (I think this is year 6 of farming my own ground... I can't remember shit anymore) that I don't have any hail or flood damage. I hope we get some good rains. I'm nervous that it won't yield as well as I'd like. And a million other things. 

Shay went back to Parks this weekend and she won't be home until tomorrow. As much as I bitch about sleeping with her because of her ice cold feet and nuclear body heat (Seriously, how does that work? That's the first question I'm asking God when I get to Heaven) I can't sleep very well without her here. Wife, if you're reading this, come home soon, ok? Thanks pal.

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