Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guitar Wish List

Since it's been raining for two weeks, I've been doing about 3 things - Messing around in the yard, watching videos on YouTube, and playing guitar. A lot of guitar. And when that happens, I start getting on eBay and looking at stuff. Which leads to me thinking I need stuff. Which leads to me remembering we are poor. I've been promising myself for a couple of years that I'd buy myself another guitar after harvest. First, I wanted a Guild D-55, then a Guild F-47MCE, then a Gibson Les Paul Special in TV yellow, and now it's a Guild D-35. I'd like an Orange Dual Terror amp, too. Updated wish list:

Guild D-35 - Solid Sitka spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides. See, I've always really, really, really wanted a Gibson J-45, but don't feel like spending $2,000 on a guitar, and since the J-45 and the D-35 have the same tone woods, they're kinda the same. But not really. But the D-35 is definitely in the budget. I think. I'd like a sunburst model, but they're hard to find. And I don't want one of the shitty ones that has been made since Fender took over Guild. I want a Westerly, Rhode Island built D-35. Anyway, I'm boring you. Here's a picture:

Here's a picture of a Gibson J45, just for giggles and grins. It's kind of the holy grail for me:

I saw a Gibson Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute in Dietze's in Lincoln last week, but I didn't play it. Now I'm wishing I would have. I can't get this damn thing out of my mind. It's also in the budget (whatever that means - I really don't have any budget) at $850. I almost put the frickin' thing on a credit card yesterday, convincing myself I could pay it off at harvest. Luckily, I pulled my head out of my ass and didn't do it. Shay and some of my siblings are going to the zoo in Omaha Saturday, so I may hitch along just so I can go back to Dietze's at some point in the day and play this thing. I also noticed an Orange Dual Terror amp in there the other day. How convenient...

I'm really confused about my guitar preferences. See, I used to be a big Telecaster guy. I suppose I still am. I had two Teles put together by my friend Rob Arnold (If you ever need any work done to a guitar, I will be more than happy to take it to Rob. He is amazing.) and I love them both, but these days, when I reach for a guitar, it's some mongoloid Gibson SG I bought for my brother. It was the personal guitar of the guy that owns Red House Music in Hastings. He bought a different SG and didn't play this one anymore. I'm not sure what it has for pickups, but I'm in love with the neck pickup. And I love the neck. Sam doesn't even pretend to play anymore, so I took it back before he did something stupid, like sell it. I think I'm in the Gibson camp. For now. Things might change.

Here's the Orange Dual Terror Amp I've been blabbing about:

I did order a Boss RC-2 Looping station yesterday. I know what you're wondering - what the hell is that? About the coolest thing on earth, my friend. It's a little pedal that has 30 drum tracks, and 16 minutes of recordable space. So I can start a drum track, lay down a guitar riff, and basically have a rhythm track. Then I can go back over the top and jam. Here's a video:

I also want a Big Muff Pi or a Keeley Fuzz Head, but I don't got no dollas. Those are fuzz pedals. Here's a demo of the Keeley:

 So if you know anyone that wants to get rid of a few thousand dollars, give them my number.

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  1. Loop pedals are awesome. Loop pedals are awesome. Loop pedals...