Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday's Gone With The Wind

This is how today went - we drove around trying to find somewhere dry enough to plant, with no luck. I went to St. Libory to get coffee. I mowed and trimmed the yard, and trimmed the hedge. I ate dinner. I planted some hostas and some sunflowers (As a corn and soybean farmer, sunflowers are the bane of my existence, but Shay likes them). I played with the dogs. That's about it. I had a couple of fantastic meals today - chicken fried steak for dinner, roast beef for supper.

I'm going to try to plant tomorrow before the next rain moves in. We're supposed to get "heavy" rain tomorrow, so more flooding will probably occur. All in all, I'm not going to complain. At least I still have a home, unlike so many people that have been affected by flooding and tornadoes this spring. I ask you to pray for the people of Joplin, Missouri. If you haven't seen pictures of the tornado and devastation, you need to.

That being said, I heard some bimbo on the radio saying that this tornado was further proof of global warming. Lady, if I ever meet you, I may kick you in the head. This is not an opportunity to prove something. This is an opportunity for compassion and service. Don't cheapen the lives lost because of this tornado by saying that it wouldn't have happened if only we hadn't put so much pollution in the air over the years. 

So, how about that rapture?

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