Monday, July 25, 2011

August Next Week? WTH?

I helped Grandpa lay out his soybean irrigation pipe today, hilled about 90 acres of beans, irrigated, worked on some seed sale invoices, etc. I think we're going to lay some of Dad's pipe out tomorrow. I've got all of my wells going, as we're headed to Parks, Nebraska this weekend. It's fair time! I'm trying to get all of my corn watered before we leave. Pollination seems to have gone pretty well, judging by the few ears I picked tonight. Every one of them I picked was filled with kernels to the tip. I'll try to take some pictures for you in the morning. This post kind of has ADD.

 Great Song With a Terrible Video:

I love this song, and I like the red and white striped shirt, but the fake concert? And the guy (who I'm pretty sure is Ricky Skaggs. And the one dude dancing might be George Strait) sitting there smoking and looking at pictures? No thanks. Clint, what were you thinking?

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  1. I think Clint may have written an excuse for himself here. If you watch closely, there's a tag at the end that clearly reads "Promo Only." So, if you were, like, intending to use this video for serious entertainment purposes, I'm pretty sure that would be illegal. I'm afraid the fake concert and the guy looking at pictures can't be held up to "real" videos that feature things like ponies and underage drinking.