Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Wind + Corn = Greensnap

We had some high wind earlier this week. I think it was Sunday night. My days are kind of running together. Anyway, the couple of weeks before corn tassels are when it's most prone to snap off when the wind blows 50+ mph. The edges of our fields got beat up a little, but I don't think any of them got hit too hard. 

The corn that wasn't snapped off is already standing straight again. It looked pretty damn ugly, though. We were laying in bed when the wind came up, and the only thing I could think to say was "shit." Luckily, I think we came out of it ok. We'll probably have some yield loss, but I've read online of some places in Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota where fields are flat because of 100 mph winds, so I'm not going to complain.

Remember the last time I showed you soybeans and they looked tiny? The next two pictures are of the last beans I planted, which was the 6th or 7th of June.

Those are twin row beans, but they're still pretty big for only being a month old. It's supposed to get hot for the next week, so they'll probably really take off now.


  1. Good work, little corn plants. You're doing great!
    (In case you could use an extra cheer-leader)

    I like the green of the background, and the curving rows in the distance.