Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Irrigation Pics


  1. Whoa. Everything looks so...perfect. So, you taught us about hilling, so how do you seal up the rows at the end? Where does that hill come from? Is that why there's a road there? And is everything universalized, so the space between rows, the gates, and whatever you use to hill all match up? Who planned that? I'm going to send him a card.

  2. Usually we have end rows at the end of the field, so the water will run into them. We change sets every 12 hours so we try not to waste too much water. It's kind of hard not to, though. Pivots are 75-80% efficient, while pipe is about 50% efficient. We put the berm next to the pipe with a blade on the back of a tractor. It keeps the water from running backwards and also gives us access to the pipe. Our rows are 36" apart. On mos pipe, the gates are 20" apart, which gives you a lot of leeway. There's always a gate on a row. Some pipe has 36" gates, but they can be a pain to line up just right. We water every other row, so a row on each side of the furrow gets watered.