Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farm Poetry

I Googled "farm poetry" and "agricultural poetry" and got nothing. I haven't written much poetry in the last 6 months. I feel like some of my friends reading this need to challenge me.


  1. One post a week must be a poem. Inspiration works like the weather. Get a habit. You never have to ask the weatherman about those.

  2. If it helps Ben, most of my poetry came from a men's room wall and is not appropriate for posting. Stick with it, it will come. Hope all is well. BTW, I was thinking today about doing a poem, but decided to do other things instead.


  3. Wind blows the hat off my head and onto the ground,
    Coming from where high air pressure abounds.
    Across the empty field where corn is grown,
    But for now it's only dead stumps that are blown.

    Put that shit on Google

  4. Oh my gosh.
    Ryan Troester, whoever you are, here-here!
    That's some Google-worthy shit.

    (I'm laughing!)