Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you know what TV show my title is from, you're either old, or you watch too much late night TV. Or you've seen a certain episode of Tourette's Guy.


Sorry I've been away. I haven't been home much the last couple of days. Tuesday we went to an auction, and yes, I bought something. No, it was not a polish dog. I finally got a stalk chopper bought. It's a 12 row Besler with a double gang. It's not home yet, but I'll take a picture when it is. I spent a few hundred dollars more than I was going to, but the other bidder was a farmer that doesn't like us (and we don't like him) so I kind of let pride take over. I still got away pretty well, though, considering that an 8 row Buffalo I was looking at sold yesterday for $500 more than I paid for mine.

Shay went with us, and at one point said to me "This bidding thing is fun!" It's a good thing there wasn't a chicken house or something on the sale. I think she would've bid up to $8,000,000 on it.

Dad and I found out yesterday that the air pump in the seat in the 8120 took a dump. A new one only costs $675... We haven't started field work yet and I'm already breaking shit. It could be a long year.

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