Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Again

Well all, I'm back. Shay and I left for Parks, Nebraska last Thursday to visit her parents. I got home late Saturday night, and yesterday I was busy almost all day. Heartland Lutheran had their benefit banquet, and from preliminary reports, it went exceedingly well. I spent some time with good friends there last night.

So, I'm back to this blogging world. 

I went to St. Paul and got my stalk chopper today. Since it's snowing, I didn't feel like standing outside taking pictures. The fact that I would've had to drive another 1.5 miles to stop by my house to get my camera also contributed to no pictures. Yeah, I know, a mile and a half doesn't sound like much, but when you're in a tractor, it takes a few minutes. 

All of the parts for our planter are here, so hopefully we'll be working on that soon. I'll take lots of pictures and explain what we're doing when we get to it. We're putting different closing wheels on it. Closing wheels are what cover up the furrow after the seed is dropped in the trench. The pieces of crap I had on it last year were worthless as tits on a boar, so I'm pretty excited to get the new wheels on. 

The new compressor for the seat in the 8120 has arrived, too. Maybe tomorrow we'll get that bugger in. It's not even the size of a beer can, but it cost the equivalent of 46 cases of Keystone Light, give or take a few cans. Yes, we are thrilled. Actually, my pants probably are, because with no beer money, the waist band may not have to strain so much.

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