Monday, March 7, 2011


Apparently it didn't snow enough for me to work tonight, but I'm sure I'll be out by noon tomorrow. They're calling for 3-7 inches tomorrow and another 1-2 before midnight tomorrow night. If we're out during the day, and I remember to take my camera along, maybe I can take a few pictures so you kids can see what I do. It's not terribly entertaining, and it for sure ain't rocket surgery. It pays the bills, though.

I'm contemplating selling my '07 Chevy pickup and getting something cheaper. I read enough of Dave Ramsey's book to know that I shouldn't be in debt when it comes to vehicles, so maybe I'll sell it and just drive the '94 until harvest is over and I can pay cash for a nice crew cab or extended cab pickup. Or maybe I'll trade the '07 off for something else that comes with less debt. Being a grown-up is weird. Why do I need a crew or extended cab? Can't put a baby seat in a regular cab. Don't read into this too much. We aren't having a baby. Someday we will, though, and I don't want to be buying a pickup and having a baby all at the same time.

My cousin Jake and I are half-seriously discussing buying a tractor to fix up and take to tractor pulls. The other half? My wife and Jake's soon-to-be-wife. We don't think they would share our enthusiasm.

I'm getting into this state of mind where I really like older stuff. I love my '94 Chevy much more than my '07. I want to buy an old John Deere to putz around in. Maybe do some light work with it. Take it to tractor pulls. If I had lots of money, I'd buy an old GMC pickup. Anything from '67-'81 would do. I think I like the simplicity of the older stuff. You can actually work on it when it breaks. And older stuff looks cooler. I thought my '07 would grow on me, but it's plain ass ugly. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. Live and learn.

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