Monday, March 14, 2011

It Was Monday

I had kind of a bad morning. Found out that the FSA still doesn't have funding for my operating loan. They might know more next week. Might. This is what happens when you try to bank with the government. The 2% interest rate is worth it, though, so I'll continue to deal with it. Kind of hard to pay crop ground rent without operating money.

Went to the river with Andy this afternoon. That was really cool. There are a ton of birds going through the area right now, so we watched a bunch of ducks and geese for awhile. When we went to leave, we got stuck. If Andy's dad hadn't come to our rescue, I'd probably be stranded in the wild. Or I could've rafted down the river like Huck. The possibilities are endless.

1 comment:

  1. One day you'll have to explain how all that works. I'm thinking of that movie "The Farmer's Wife." A lot of people don't realize you have to be an accountant before you can be a farmer.

    Hang in there. You take today and God will get tomorrow. When you're stuck in the mud, someone usually shows up.