Monday, January 31, 2011

3 A.M. Wakeup Call Awaits

It sounds like I'm going to be moving snow again. They're saying 4-6 inches here, which isn't too bad. The 30-40 mph winds are not going to be much fun. Good thing the heater in the tractor I run works well. I'm ready to not do this job anymore. I'm thankful that the guy that runs the operation offered me the job and that it pays well, but I'm not a fan of the hours. I also hate leaving Shay home alone. Luckily, if it snows as much as they say, it should only be a 10-12 hour shift. Weather man is saying there could be zero (0) visibility at times, so that could be exciting.

Grandpa and I were supposed to sort cattle tomorrow, but luckily that's been postponed. I would've done it if we absolutely had to, but the meat packing plant said we could bring them in Friday instead. I'm hoping they weigh 1,300 pounds, but it's always a crap shoot with the first load of fats. I'm guessing 1,150 pounds. It will still be a good payday. For what we're getting for them, we should gross at least $1,200 a head. Here's hoping. 

For those of you who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, Grandpa and I feed a few head of cattle every year. We buy them when they weigh about 600 pounds and feed them until they weigh around 1,200. There's a meat packing plant in Grand Island, so we sell direct to them. About this time every year, we sell the ones we've been feeding, then buy some more 600 pounders and feed them until May, when we put them in the pasture for the summer. We bring them home in September, then finish feeding them out. I usually buy 20 head and Grandpa buys 40-50. Dad supplies the feed for my cattle as part of my payment for working for him. Grandpa usually feeds, since the cattle are on his place. And because he really likes feeding cattle. I think going to the sale barn is one of his favorite things in the world.

Hope everyone is stocked up on food and firewood. Could be in for a rough couple of days.

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