Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post #40

The big 4-0. I can hardly believe it.

I've been having a great time the last couple of days blowing my nose and coughing the few brains I have out. I sneezed so hard a couple of times today that I almost blacked out.

This does allow me to read copious amounts of literature and watch Casino, so I guess it's not all bad. I've been reading some Jonathan Tropper. I wasn't a fan at first, but he kind of sucks you in, if you like books about self-loathing guys that like to screw up their lives, that is. Well, that might be a little harsh. In the one I'm currently reading, How to Talk To a Widower, Doug's wife dies in a plane crash. I guess it's not really his fault that his life sucks. Anyway, he talks about grief a lot (obvi, Ben) and I relate to a lot of it in some ways. I'm not really in the mood to write about it all right now, but maybe tomorrow I will. Consider this a preview, I guess. A trailer, if you will. 

In other news, Charlie seems to have already forgotten that he's been neutered. He's marking his territory and barking at everything that moves, just like the old times. 

Speaking of old times, JJ and I texted back and forth about a lot of our old times today. The time I didn't eat all day and went to Uncle Ron's with him, only to drink myself silly over a dumb girl and get kicked out of the bar. The time I had a few too many and wouldn't let him go to McDonald's because "I just wanted to go back to his dorm" and he got mad at me, which resulted in him not loaning me a toothbrush, gum, or mouthwash as the evening progressed. The time Ted (Shooter Jennings' bassist) "shot" us with his bass, and Leroy (Shooter's guitarist) got so drunk/high that he fell down on the stage and played guitar sitting down for a few songs, only to get up and spray the crowd with a fire extinguisher. And I remembered the time that we went to see Mike McClure, and I told him about Fish and how "Yesterday Road" reminded me of him, and Mike played the song and dedicated it to Fish and I can remember JJ clapping one of his huge hands on my shoulder, probably calling me a "sonnymabitch." We had some times. Now we're all growed up - he's going to be a dad soon. 

Life moves too damn fast, you know?

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  1. I don't really know how to say this without it sounding like I'm bragging or something, so maybe I am bragging--I hope you'll forgive me: we opened for Shooter a couple of times and I got to play through Ted's amp, and it was SWEET. I love Orange amps. Ok. I'm done bragging. But like you said, life moves fast and those were just the "olden days" anyway. Life is better now. Maybe you should take whatever medicine Charlie has been taking--might help with your cold.