Monday, January 24, 2011

First Caramel Milkshake

Shay made milkshakes tonight. I didn't want strawberry and chocolate didn't sound too enticing. What did I find hiding in the door of the fridge? Caramel sauce!

Oh. My. Dad. 

It was pretty awesome. I never would've thought to have a milkshake, but since my wife is the coolest, she thought they sounded like a good idea. And they were. Being married is pretty sweet. Literally and figuratively.

In other news, I had to play vet today. For some reason, any chance Charlie gets, he runs off. Hannah always follows, because that's what dogs do. After stopping at the neighbors and driving around for awhile, I finally found them a mile or so from home. Since Hannah didn't do anything wrong, I loaded her in the back of the pickup and headed for home. Yeah, I made Charlie run. If he can run off, he can run back. Anyway, I had forgotten that I had a corn knife in the bed of the pickup. Hannah must've cut her paw on it. I had to wash it and bandage it. She didn't whine or anything. Instead of a sucker, I gave her a deer stick at the end of her visit. 

Of course, an hour after I wrapped it, she ripped it off. By then it was done bleeding, so I think we're ok.

Hannah sends her best:

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