Monday, January 3, 2011

What a Pair We Make

Charlie and I aren't feeling so hot today. Of course, he has a reason to feel crappy - he became a eunuch today. I merely have a bad cold. 

Before I made the decision to call Charlie a eunuch, I researched the word. Eunuchs were castrated (usually without their approval) to perform a certain role or job. One of these was to protect harems. Charlie lives with his biological sister, so I suppose we could say we got the job done so he could protect her. Then I researched the word harem and came to find out that that is a place where women rest or live, usually in a Muslim household. 

Well, since I'm a Christian, we can't be having any harems around here. 

I guess I'll come out and say it - we didn't want Hannah and Charlie making babies that were brothers and sisters and cousins all at the same time. 

I guess Charlie isn't really a eunuch, then. He's just a poor guy who is missing some of his manhood. And I think his pain killers are wearing off.

Bob Barker told me to do it!

Sorry, pal.

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