Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank The Lord For Tractor House

Since I cannot farm at the moment, I'm relegated to perusing the latest Tractor House. For those that don't know, Tractor House is basically a large classified for farm equipment in magazine form. There are lots of colorful pictures, but mostly lots of things I can't afford. I did see that Ord Equipment has an 8 row 36" Buffalo stalk chopper... My ears went up on that one. I need a stalk chopper with double units and Buffalo makes such a beast. The ad didn't say if it was a double, though. I'll have to give them a call. That's actually where we bought our Monosem planter, so maybe the guy will work with me. I think his name was Randy.

Also for those that don't know, a stalk chopper is a piece of equipment that we run over the top of our old ridges. It knocks the old stalks out of the ground and flattens the ridge so we can plant on top of our old ridges. This eliminates the need to disk our ground every year. We had a hard time keeping our Monosem on the ridge last year, except for where we stalk chopped twice. Our current stalk chopper only has single units. I think one with double units would eliminate the need to chop twice. Therefore, I am looking for one with double units. This is basically what I'm looking for, except it will have one more row on each end.

I also wanted to say congrats to Heartland Lutheran High School's boys basketball team. Concordia University in Seward held their inaugural LIT this weekend (Lutheran high school tournament) and my alma mater won the whole dang thing. They're a class D2 school and they beat Lincoln Lutheran for the championship, which is a C-1 school I believe. Anyway, good work kids. My senior year we went 0-18 and didn't have our own gym. Now they have an awesome gym and went to state last year, and seem poised to do so again. They play the number 1 team in the state Monday night (Hampton). Good luck the rest of the season, boys.

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