Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I Love Winter

It gives me the opportunity to say "suck it winter, we made it" on the first day of spring when I no longer have to wear a jacket to work in the morning. It refuels the fire to go play in the dirt and grow something. When it's hotter than hell in July and August with 147% humidity, it reminds me that it's probably better than snow and -30 degree wind chills.

I'm getting excited to get back to farming. By the end of harvest, we're all usually pretty drained and ready for some time away. About this time of year, we start getting ants in the pants. By April 1st, I'll be chomping at the bit. By June 15th, I'll be bitching about how tired I am of being in the tractor. By July 5th, I'll be bitching about irrigating. By September 1st, I'll be bitching about picking up irrigation pipe. Then the fun stuff will begin, but by November 1st, I'll be getting tired of harvest. Winter will come and I'll enjoy it for a little bit, but by this time next year, I'll be pretty bored again.

I have no idea how people can sit in an office and do the same thing every day. I need variety. And there are plenty of opportunities in my career field to say "Huh, I've never seen that before." Although I'm not really my own boss (Dad and Grandpa always have something for me to do), I still get to basically set my own schedule. Actually, the weather sets my schedule. I'll be bitching about that, too.

I really don't know where this rambling is going. I like farming.


  1. I can second that. I couldn't sleep last night because I was too busy planning my garden in my head. And pruning trees in the orchard. And weeding flower and asparagus beds, composting and canning and hanging the laundry out on the line instead of drying it in that fancy dryer contraption. And then there was the pumpkin patch I was scheming back in the trees, and a row of raspberries that kept me awake, too. I'm glad I don't own more land. I'd never rest.

  2. The part I like about winter is getting snow. I then have a chance of getting on the tractor and "playing" in it. That is why I also have a few cows, to get on the tractor. Also, every day seems to bring a new challenge or job that wasn't on the to-do list. Like you, I can't wait for the smell of dirt, just thinking about it gets me salivating like a dog waiting for a treat. Keep writing and getting your voice out there.


  3. It's amazing how often the most proper thing to say is "God knew what He was doing when He ... "