Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dannebrog Pizza

I should have taken pictures because most of the 6 people that read this don't know what Dannebrog pizza is. 

Anyway, there's a little town west of us called Dannebrog. There's a bakery called the Danish Baker. On Thursday nights, they make the best pizza you've never had. On occasion, Mom will bring some home, and tonight was one of those occasions. After pizza, we played some 10 point pitch of the call your partner variety. At the end Shay and I were neck and neck, so I shot the moon. At first, I did it to spite Shay, hoping to call for her and drag her down. Mom said something about never winning. Guess who went along when I shot the moon? That's right, my ma. 

And we won. 


  1. Ahhahaha I love this!

    Scott & I will take on you & Shay in pitch any day.
    Yep. That's a challenge.

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  3. Dannebrog pizza!!!! Need some!! I deleted my other post because I spelled Dannebrog wrong. Ooops.