Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Memory - Better

I was listening to Lucero (who has surpassed the Drive By Truckers as my all-time favorite band) and this song came on. I think it's more about the city in the song, but I like songs about girls, so that's where I'm taking it. It's called "Mine Tonight":

There's nothing romantic on the city streets
You drive down 'em once and you’ve seen everything
The river's rising up, the city’s sinking down
Well I’m just trying to get back to the other side of town
Well I got a little girl, and she's waiting on me
She says 'I'll see you when you get home'
And now these working days are getting just a little too long
Well I can see her now, sitting at the kitchen table
Record player playing for my rock and roll angel
She says 'I'll see you when you get home'
Now we ain’t got much
But this town belongs to us
Tonight she's mine, tonight
Tonight she's mine
The wind crossing over
the river just howls
through the empty city streets that we drive down
Riding in the car, one arm around her
Living, this city's gonna be all ours
the wind on the river, such a beautiful sound
Now we ain’t got much
But this town belongs to us
Tonight she’s mine, tonight
Tonight she’s mine
Cause tonight
She's mine for the night
Tonight she's mine

This song reminds me of living in the house on North 1st Street in Seward. That's where I first discovered Lucero. I can picture the girl I wanted to insert into this song. I remember her canceling on me, and the realization that it wasn't going to happen. The voice inside a man's brain when he realizes she doesn't want anything to do with you - "Well, f*** her." Then drinking a beer or four with a good friend. The song reminds me of my pre-date ritual - shave, shower, two squirts of cologne (one on the chest, on on the neck, because you'll never know if you might end up cuddling), iron the shirt, starch the collar a little, pick out the right hat (it can't be new or perfectly clean - has to have some wear so you remember where you came from and so she knows you're not some candy ass), pick the right pair of boots. Always boots. Either the Double H's or the Doc Martens. Both worn and scuffed. Pick her up. Open the door. Ask her what she wants to listen to. On and on it goes. 

What's cool about this song now is that her canceling led me to Shay. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Shay makes me laugh and makes me feel good about myself. She wouldn't cancel on me. She lets me pick the music. She doesn't care what hat I wear. Hell, she doesn't care if I've showered or not. She knows when to make fun of me, she knows when to listen, she knows when I need a beer. She's sleeping on the couch right now. I'll have to wake her up and get her to bed so she can put her ice feet on me and fall back asleep. I'll have to kick her out of bed in the morning. I'm not going to worry about that now. 

Tonight she's mine.

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