Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Week

Feels like it will be a busy one. We worked on Mom and Dad's new house today - Shay painted, I helped with the hardwood floors. I think Dad and I are going to finish the floor tomorrow. Then on to Hastings to preview the auction lineup for the Tuesday consignment sale. I think we're picking up one of the rent's new couches tomorrow, too. I need to prepare my taxes, finish my cash flow application, meet with the crop insurance agent, try to sell some seed, go to another auction on Thursday. Two meetings at the high school this week.

It feels nice to have something to do again. I get bored pretty easily, so as much as I love to listen to music/read/watch anything on History channel, I'm ready to be busy again.

I'm also kind of looking for a new work pickup. I probably won't find one, though. There are also a couple of sprayers on the sale we're going to Thursday that I'm interested in. Or I won't buy anything and save some money. That's what I'm leaning towards, anyway.

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