Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Sunburn of 2011

Yep. I beat you to it. 

Went to an auction today. I got the sunburn for free and the polish dog for $3. And I burned a lot of gas. I was looking to buy a work pickup, but a couple of fellows got into a, well, a pissing contest over it, so I didn't even bid.

Had a good meeting at Heartland Lutheran High School this evening. The feelings of frustration weren't there. I hope and pray that things continue in that direction.

Drive By Truckers new album shipped today! Yeah, I pre-ordered it. In October, I think. Soon a vinyl edition of Go-Go Boots will arrive at my door.

Another much anticipated package arrived today. I finally broke down and ordered the guitar chord edition of the Lutheran Hymnal, so now I have hundreds of new songs to learn. I also ordered the Treasury of Daily Prayer. Pastor recommended it for devotions for Shay and I, so we're pretty excited about it. 

Another auction Thursday. Wish me luck.


  1. I think DBT are appearing on Jimmy Fallon tonight...

    And good luck at that auction. Just bid elevendy. Nothing's higher than elevendy. At least not in Nora's book.

  2. I think Nora should start her own auction business. She'd have fun, and people would appreciate her humor.