Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I Wish I'd Written

I'm going to be lazy tonight. These are things I wish I had written.

"Pretty girls from the smallest towns get remembered like storms and droughts that old men talk about for years to come. I guess that's why they give us names: so a few old men can say they saw us rain while we were young." - Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers from "Birthday Boy"

"Some people stop living long before they die." - Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers from "The Living Bubba"

"She smiles oh so sweetly, and I ain't so lonely, I ain't so lonely." Ben Nichols of Lucero from "Ain't So Lonely"

"Father forgive me. I know exactly what I do, and I keep doing it, right in front of you. I heard you're patient, yeah I sure hope that's true, 'cuz it's been a long, long, long time since I've been real with you." - Sean McConnell - "Saint's Heart in a Sinner's Skin

"It's only you for me, just like that whooping crane, has one wife for all his life and if she dies, he'll do the same." - Robert Earl Keen - "Think It Over One Time"

"The Banker Man lit into me and spread my name around. He thinks I ain’t got a lick of sense 'cuz I talk slow and my money’s spent. Now, I ain’t the type to hold it against, but he better stay off my farm, 'cuz it was my Daddy’s and his Daddy’s before and his Daddy’s before and his Daddy’s before, five generations of an unlocked door and a loaded burglar alarm." - Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers - "Sink Hole"

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  1. That first one - that's where it's at.
    What a stunning metaphor. There's a built-in second where you have to ponder, but then the realization of what he's saying is made so much more beautiful because of it.