Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Change of Pace

Today was a weird day. Dad started putting fertilizer on, and you can't disturb the soil for a day or so afterward, so I did a little of this, a little of that. 

I picked up some bales. I kind of like doing it. Probably only because we don't have a ton of hay ground. It's a nice, mindless job that allows me to space off for a few hours.

This was my ride - Grandpa's 4450. I like this tractor. A lot. It needs a straight pipe and 42 inch rear tires, but hey, it's pretty neat the way it is. You can't really tell in the picture, but Dad's bale carrier picks up two bales at a time.

Here's the objective. I probably picked up 75 or so bales today. Back and forth, forth and back. 

Done now.

Here's an action shot of Dad putting anhydrous on:

After picking up bales, I put fertilizer on for awhile, then I went and sprayed some weeds with a backpack sprayer. A backpack sprayer is exactly what it sounds like. Pretty nice for wandering around and killing some weeds here and there.

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  1. We always had the small, rectangular bales. In the summer, Grandpa would pay us by taking us to the pool for a day for following behind him on foot and tipping the bales upright when they fell on their side so the stacker could grab them. I always wondered why we had to follow behind him. I guess he didn't want us to miss any, and he probably enjoyed seeing us covered in dust and alfalfa. Before we hired someone to bring a stacker, we'd just drive around in my dad's old Ford tossing them into the back. You have a much nicer ride.