Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picture Time

I've taken a bunch of pictures that I haven't shared yet. Mostly because I'm lazy. This morning, I got out of the shower, put on some Ryan Adams, and got motivated. If you want a sweet Ryan Adams mix, let me know. I can get you the hook up. 

First are a few pictures from bean planting. I now realize I didn't take any pictures of the planter and explain how it all works. Basically, it opens up a trench, drops the seed into it, and covers it up. These are old pictures, and they're just of the seed and me filling the planter. How interesting. The last picture is of some of the little fellas coming up. I think they look like those things that come out of the tubes in Super Mario Brothers when they're first popping out of the ground. They don't look like it from above, but if you see them in the field... Yeah. I'm cool like that.

Next are some cockpit of the tractor pictures.

This one shows the armrest controls. The orange knob is the gear shift, the orange slider thing is the throttle, the yellow switch is for the PTO and the rest have to do with the 3 point. Pretty nifty stuff. And yeah, sometimes I eat lunch Runza style.

This one shows the HVAC controls, windshield wipers, front wheel drive switch, flashers, and other things. The screen on the left shows a bunch of stuff - fuel level, water temp, oil pressure, etc. The 56 is the hydraulic temperature. I was told to monitor it by the guys at St. Paul Equipment. They're still not sure what's wrong with it. The little screen on the right gives information about your hydraulic remotes - time settings and flow. Pretty interesting, no? And of course, the iPod, so I can be jukebox hero all day.

The thing on the right is my fertilizer controller. The display on the left shows how many RPMs you're running, the gear you're in, and what speed you're going. Yeah. 5.5mph all day. Except that days I go 5.

Radio and radio. The one on the right is a 2 way business band, meaning only our family uses it. They each have a specific number of some kind that only lets them work with other radios. Or something. I'm not real sure how they work. 

This is the view out the back window when I'm cultivating:

I ran out of fertilizer:

Here's the cultivator. It's got a coulter up front to cut the trash, and a sweep out back to move dirt. 

For some reason, Blogger turned my picture and I'm too dumb to figure out how to fix it. So cock your head to the side for this one. Can you can see the small tube that comes off of the sweep? That's how we inject our fertilizer. Don't you wish you could fertilize your garden like this, Lisa?

My view: The stand is a little thin in some spots from standing water, but some corn is better than no corn.

I'm cautiously optimistic. The corn looks pretty good for all the wet, cold, crappy weather we've had this spring. There's a number on one of my fields that looks fantastic. I only planted 8 bags. Now I'm wishing I would've planted more. Oh well. On another place, we've had at least 20 acres drown out every year. It's bottom ground, and that doesn't mix well with lots of rain in the spring. Last fall, the owner had some dirt work done, leveling out the knobs and making the bottom end of the field run to the drainage ditch like it should. We hardly lost anything this year compared to the last 3 years. I'm really happy about that. So, we'll see. It'll be interesting to see how I'm feeling about the crop in August.


  1. It's growing!
    I'm so glad you're blogging.
    I feel smarter, reading what you share. :)

  2. That fertilizer McThingy is pretty cool. I definitely wish I had a spaceship and some Runza, that's for sure. Those are the controls for a spaceship, right?