Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Kids

There's a hat hanging from one of Bucky's antlers. Shay apparently hasn't noticed yet. She's pretty proud of Bucky. First wall hanger she ever bagged. She combed his hair after she mounted him on the wall. Did you all know I have a hell of a wife? She was listening to the song we danced to for our first dance this morning - "Crazy Like You" by Josh Grider. It's pretty accurate as far as our situation goes. I like her. A lot.

Not much new in the farming world. I'm hoping to get done cultivating today. Dad should also get done putting anhydrous on today. Should. I've learned that in this profession you never say you "will" get something done today.

Had another marathon meeting at Heartland Lutheran last night. All I'll say about that is that some people take paragraphs to say what needs sentences. Things are moving forward, and I ask that if you're so inclined, pray for the school and its mission and workers.


  1. Forward motion - a good sign. Prayers coming.

  2. 1. Shay is awesome. I'm still counting on her to make deer sausage with me one of these days.
    2. That's a great song.
    3. 10-4 on the prayers.