Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Done Now

I took the planter off today. Thank Todd. I was about to gouge an eye out. I like planting, but not when it drags on for a month and a half.

I got my tractor back today. For the second time. I used it for about an hour tonight and it seemed happy, so maybe it's fixed. I guess we'll find out tomorrow if it doesn't rain. I put one of the cultivators on today and it must've been my lucky day. No bearings were out. There was a fertilizer hose that needed fixed, one of the nozzles was bad, and I had to put larger fertilizer orifices in (after a trip to town to get them) but it was ready to go with minimal work. By the time I got done dinking around, it was close to 7, but I wanted to get it all set so I went to the field. I've got it working well for the most part. One of the row units is giving me a little trouble, but I'm getting it to where it needs to be. If it doesn't rain tonight/tomorrow, I'll get some pictures. 

Besides harvest, cultivating might be my favorite thing to do. It's like hoeing your garden, only it's a huge garden with hundreds of thousands or millions of corn plants, and I get to do it with a 190 horsepower tractor.

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  1. My hoe has -2 horsepower, but at least I never have to have it towed when it breaks down.